Elections on the horizon …

Elections? What elections? I know it sounds funny, especially to people who are not in ISB, to hear about elections just after the Election results came out and finally the country is looking at a stable government, but from an ISB perspective, the major election event on campus is just getting started. Elections for the post of GSB president are scheduled for the 21st of May. With an increased batch size this year, all sorts of rumors on the number of candidates contesting abound. From sections with no people to some sections with 5-6 people contesting (mine, I think :P), a clearer picture should surface by tomorrow once final numbers are out from the admin office. It is kind of expected with 560 ambitious people in the batch of course.
The next step will be the soapbox where all candidates will get a limited time to present their manifestos in front of the whole student body. A lot of people have been campaigning in advance already in the last week or two as well.
Will vote bank politics and personal loyalties work in elections where you have an electorate that consists of 560 highly intelligent people with a future in corporate India? Or will everyone be impartial in their choice? That is one thing I personally want to find out.

More to come as the whole election scenario unfolds. We dont have an exit poll, yet, but you never know what resourceful people in the batch will come up with next. 🙂

PS: The bloggers in the batch are already keeping a close eye on the happenings going on in campus and expect a couple of reports on the election scene as it progresses…

PS2: Also posted on the isb mmx blog here.