Jargon in ISB

First of all, a disclaimer:

While I never shy away from pulling someones leg, this is a generic post NOT intended to pull the leg of anyone in particular, just some stuff I have noticed in ‘general’ during classes in the last 2 weeks 😀 So if you take offense, its more a case of a guilty conscience than any particular effort from my side 😉

With so many smart people around, there are a lot of people who either assume that everyone is as smart as them, or, want to show how smart they are . Hence we have jargon filled sentences being fired at the profs during different classes, with people clamoring to show off their management knowledge / knowledge of that particular subject. Of course, I may be wrong and perhaps thats just how you talk after a couple of years as a manager/consultant, in which case I will apologize once I see it for myself, in a few years hopefully….

I dont even remember the jargon that gets used in class sometimes, its that heavy and difficult to follow. With contribution from some people in my section, in no particular order, heres a compilation of some jargon common among ISB students:

  • It depends: This has been the favorite of everyone on campus, especially when you are asked a question by the professor and want to do a classic walk right on the fence to get CP points no matter which of the two options is correct.
  • Paradigm Shift: Another favorite of people looking for fancy words. A paradigm shift can be applied to anything and by anyone, thus confusing the whole class sometimes, what to talk of the prof.
  • Thought Leader: Ah yes,we are all expected to be thought leaders soon, but no one has a clear idea of what kind of thoughts a thought leader is supposed to have though.
  • 20,000 feet overview: or was that 30,000 feet? Not that it matters much. A favorite of people during club presentations, when they haven’t done something, but still want to show what they know, thus giving everyone a veryveryvery high level overview which is of no use to anyone.
  • Reinvent the wheel: Another chestnut, can be applied anywhere and everywhere when someone wants to show how hes understood the concept and wants to state it in his own words hoping for some more CP.
  • Dude: Universal term here. I use it as often as anyone. Can refer to anyone from a 24 yr old to a 45 year old, especially since more often than not, you dont know the name of the other person who you may just have met. The context and usage differ of course.
  • Network: And of course, the grand daddy of them all, responsible for ‘dude’ above. The word many of us are sick and tired of, but which just wont go away. Something that we are all supposed to do as much as possible over the next one year.
  • Gyan: Refers to all the top secret info imparted by alums before they left us to the mercy of the ISB campus for this year. Also may refer to information imparted by people during club sessions. Maybe good or bad, either way.
  • Arbit: Universal term actually, referring to ‘arbitrary’, used a lot in context of ACP.
  • ACP: The ghost of class participation which is destined to haunt some of our subjects this year.
  • LRC: An incomprehensible term when mentioned to friends and family not in ISB. Refers to the college library or ‘learning resource center’ (Did I get that right?). The place which all the studious students hit till 2AM everyday.
  • Quadee: Similar to roomie/room-mate. Refers to 4 people/quadies living in the shared apartments or ‘quads’, as they are referred.
  • Comparative Advantage: Another hot term which is just spreading like wildfire in campus after recent economics lectures. Any economics term/question/reason that you dont understand may have this as the answer, at least that seems to be the current perception anyway 😀

Thats pretty much what I have managed to gather. Feel free to add more terms in the comments below.

(NOTE: This is NOT the specific jargon some people use. Thats even more incomprehensible to me and too full of 3 and 4 letter abbreviations to remember)