Larger kindle coming soon?

As per reports with some news outlets including the NYTimes, Amazon will launch a larger version of the kindle tomorrow (6th), beating Plasticlogic to the punch.
However, for selling an e-book reader outside the US, the hitch I see is pricing. Already, the kindle costs 360$. Granted, this includes lifetime charges for the ‘whispernet’ service that enabled you to download content wirelessly. However, with Amazon NOT offering a version without this service, the whispernet thingy is useless to someone like me outside the US. This, and the price, were pretty much the reasons why I went for the Sony PRS505 instead of a kindle. Especially since the 505 has the same screen and is 100$ cheaper, not to mention the smaller size and metal body.
The point is that a device with a larger screen will probably cost more as well (>400$ probably?). Theres been a couple in the market in the 700$ range, but they havent really sold that well.
Unless and until amazon provides a subsidy and a subscription model with a small per month charge to read newspapers and the like on it, I dont see it taking up too much of the market. It might still sell units in the US, but global success doesnt seem possible, with the current model at least.
Till someone comes out with a better idea, the PRS505 it is for me 🙂