Great article / Essay on ‘Who do you want to be?’

A friends essay for his MBA application on what he wants to be. I just loved the way this particular essay is written, especially the theme and the way it begins, so couldn’t resist posting it here.

I want to play God. As did Steve Jobs when he created iPhone. As did Steve Horovitz when he created Android. As did Akio Morita when he created Walkman. And as did Lee Iacocca when he created the Mustang.

I intend to do this by making a career in product development. My short term goal, on passing out from XXXX would be to join a technology company as a product manager. And in long term I would like to set up a product development division for my company, XXXX.

I aspire to be counted amongst the likes of people I mentioned above. These people are not mere creators of new products; they are the conceivers of the business ecosystem where the product would flourish. That is why I believe, for that product, they were God. And that it is this amazing insight in conceiving the business ecosystems that I strive for.

My current experience with XXXX, as a Firmware Lead and Product Integrator gave me a very good exposure to the business aspect of technology. But it left me more thirsty than quenched. It got me thinking of how I can make a bigger difference. What qualification can I gain, which gets me bigger and more central roles in product development environment? That I wanted to be a manager of technology, and not a technologist, made MBA the obvious answer for me.

When I started looking for MBA schools, I had two prerequisites:
1> I wanted to go for a General Management School. I want to be a technical manager. I know technology, I want to learn management.
2> I wanted a school which encourages multi-disciplinary learnings. And I think XXXX, is by far, the pioneer in that. With credits available for learning in other schools in the XXXX campus and incubation projects with the engineering and medical schools, I am not able to find a school which fits into my multi-disciplinary mindscape so well.

Since I am not a citizen of the USA, and I intend to return to my motherland once my education and financial obligations are over, I need a degree which is globally recognized, which has a brand value beyond the geographical border. A degree like XXXX MBA.

All this is what attracts me to XXXX. The interplay of learning disciplines, the opportunity to graft your own curriculum, the exacting standards borne out of the best peer fraternity in the world and gods of management telling you how to hold the spear and how to strike at the heart of the problem, what more could an aspirer like me ask for?

To end, it may sound like blasphemy on my part when I say I want to be God. For that I apologize. But I do feel very passionately about creating something which exists and evolves long after I am gone.

– Supratibh Srivastava, ISB Class of 2010

PS: Some information removed 🙂