Marketing Events to Students @ ISB

In the 1 year program at ISB, the one thing that is at a premium is time. With different activities taking place every week, many of the clubs often come up with some great ideas to increase student interest and awareness in different topics.
A while back, the Real Estate and Infrastructure Club at ISB organized the ‘Infrastructure Summit 2009’. The theme of the event was “Realizing Indian Infrastructure 2015”. The event also included a panel discussion on ‘Public Private Partnerships: A Reality or a Distant Dream?
Anyway, the point of this blog post is to showcase the great marketing done by the club members to promote the summit within the student community. They used a mix of emails as well as posters at various spots inside the college.
What I found extremely interesting was the design of the posters to show the possibilities and the growth potential of the Infrastructure Industry in India in the coming years which in folded into the theme of the summit.
Some of the extremely creative ads used are shown below:

Click on each pic to expand and read the actual captions

Credit for the campaign: Hardik Jhaveri and Shouvik Sarkar.

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