2 days of effort down the drain…

Its always hard when you put in a lot of effort in doing something but it doesn’t work out well. In that event, the one consolation you have is that you did give it your best shot but it wasn’t meant to be.

However, even harder task is when you spend a lot of time preparing for something, to the exclusion of a lot of other things, and don’t even get a chance to have someone look at your work. Something similar happened today. I worked on preparing a presentation (for a company interview, what else 😉 ), but got eliminated in the first round itself, while the ppt was actually scheduled for the second round! It is ironic though, spending so much time on something that you know you may not even get to present.
Anyway, thats what the internet is for: sharing ones work without having to undergo distribution charges for the content! So heres what I did prepare, a study on some features that could be added to the multi-protocol IM service: Meebo (Now my previous post makes sense as well I bet!).
The presentation is a bit incomplete/simplistic, because I of course expected to be able to explain it all in much greater detail, but hey, feel free to leave your comments.
Most of the revenue assumptions/estimates are in an embedded excel as well as a word doc with a hypothetical blogpost introducing one of these features.

PS: Awesome background/font template credit to Amit Goyal.

3 thoughts on “2 days of effort down the drain…

  1. Rohit

    The presentation looks well thought out, although I didn’t get a chance to look at incremental revenues. One question though – would firms like FB actually lower network effects and entry barriers by supporting apps like Meebo, especially for voice and collaboration ?

  2. The Teacher

    Dude, awesome presentation… too bad you didnt get to present it. But I’m sure you have better places in store than D****** 🙂

  3. Jasnoor

    @Rohit: Yes, someone like FB adopting it would increase their userbase like anything. A US social network called myYearbook adopted it last year, and it increased their userbase like anything. The thing is, FB is large, N has their own chat network, and may not want any users diverted to Meebo. Smaller networks on the other hand can benefit a lot from such partnerships, so thats what Meebo needs to do 🙂 @The Teacher: I know! Heard about the offer they made. No regrets anymore. 🙂


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