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Types of Dunking – Part I

From an older post (here):

Dunkings are a long established tradition and form an integral part of life at ISB. Many celebrations end with a dunking in the pool, with a dunk on birthdays being mandatory of course.

The midnight dunking is the time when the whole section gets together to have fun and de-stress even in the midst of completing various assignments etc. 30 minutes of fun before everyone goes back to hit the books, catch some Zs or party 😛

For the uninitiated, The Official Dunking Procedure:

1. No wallet/phone/jewelery/shoes/socks/belts/specs (if you value them anyway :P)
2. Lie down straight with arms and legs outstretched in a straight line.
3. Four people will lift the selected ‘candidate’ from each of the arms n legs.
4. Start swinging and release at the count of 3.
5. Voila!!! Who said Humans cant fly?

There he goes……….

Now that thats covered, here are a couple of types of dunkings I have observed:

  • The ‘Soft’ Dunk: Applicable to certain heavyweight people or when a new batch of volunteers want to try their hand at dunking someone. The subject barely clears the edge of the pool and is just dropped in to slip gently below the waves 😀
  • The ‘Splash’: Again applicable to heavyweights, the only change being that there are experienced (and well built :P) dunkers doing the actual dunking. The subject goes in with a huge splash and usually results in half the water in the pool coming out.


  • The ‘Guinness’ Dunk: Applicable to the other end of the weight spectrum, the flyweight class. The victim is quite light and goes a long way from the edge of the pool. Such people are very useful in setting class records for the farthest distance dunked etc.

Terror? or Joy?

  • The Body ‘Roll’: Very much dependent on the dunking party, the exact way in which the ‘victim’ is released by the two sets of dunkers in front and the back may result in a couple of acrobatic rolls before hitting the water. A sight to behold.
  • The ‘Somersault’: Subset of the ‘Roll’ (above), the victim goes in head or feet first depending on whether the left or the right side of the dunkers lets go first 😉

Heads…. OR


  • The ‘Quickie’: Depending on the particular section and their style of dunking, the quickie is a risky dunk with people at the edge getting pushed into the pool without any warning/preparation. To be avoided since it can result in wallets/mobiles etc getting dunked as well. Thankfully my section follows proper procedure for dunking people (elaborated below). Loud swear words from inside the pool are usually an indication that something unplanned just happened.
  • The ‘Self’ Dunk: A particularly funky dunking style, this basically includes people who happen to fall in while actually dunking someone else. Identified by the sight of flailing arms and legs while falling into the pool ,often with wallets/cellphones. May be accompanied by shouts/screams, while falling AND after falling in.
  • The ‘Royal’ Dunk: The candidates of the royal dunking are people who have done something noteworthy recently or just anything at all to attract attention (like trying to run away with the birthday cake :P). Such candidates are carried kicking/screaming by 4 (or more, depending on the weight) people to the edge of the pool from whereever they happen to be captured. Can be identified by shouts of “My Phone!!! My Watch!!! My wallet!! My shoes!!” till these are ceremoniously removed. A particularly satisfying experience, for the people doing the dunking of course.

The Royal Carriage

Spare the Cellphone!

  • The ‘Mass’ Dunk: And last, but definitely NOT the least, the mass dunk. I have currently seen this being done by Section E. It involves around 10-15 thoroughly wet people (who have usually already been dunked) standing in a line at the edge of the pool and jumping in together at the count of 1…2……..3! A lot of fun, especially when done in sync.

The Mass Dunk

That pretty much concludes what I have collected till now.

PS: The Part-I? Just to allow me to write a Part-II sometime in the future 😛