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Employee Motivation and the 2-Factor Theory

One of the courses in Term 6 is the Managing Teams course taught by Prof. Henry Moon from the London Business School. While the course started later than the other courses (schedule/visa issues) and we are only 2 classes in, the course is a whole lot of fun and has the capacity to make one really think!
Employee motivation was today’s topic and I really liked the way it went. One of the factors discussed really got me thinking and is the reason for this post. The Two Factor Theory or Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory essentially believes that factors that affect job satisfaction as well as factors that affect job dissatisfaction in the workplace are separate from each other. While this may not be directly obvious, what it believes is that factors like salary are the bare minimum you look for in your job. Having more of it does not really mean you have higher job satisfaction! Of course this will not hold true for everyone. Someone may of course be motivated solely by a monetary incentive, but you know what I am getting at.
While there has been some debate over the years on the exact validity of this theory (refer to Wiki links above), there is empirical evidence that shows the very same thing and is what got me interested in blogging about it.
Apologies for the black and white image, the ppt hasn’t been uploaded yet, and I didn’t want to wait. 🙂
This really is food for thought. What does it mean? That people are most easily dissatisfied by different kinds of company bureaucracy, something that I am sure the majority of us knew already, but the way the whole thing was explained …. lets say we can see why he teaches at LBS!

Gameworld Trilogy: Check, Exams and Reports Due: Check

Ok, so I finally finished reading Samit Basu’s Gameworld trilogy. A worthy ending to the trilogy with almost same or better levels of humor and a good plot to back everything up as well. I needn’t have worried that the follow ups may not be as good as the first one. All 3 are decent books, with liberal doses of humor and references to Western movies as well. The third one had equally crazy reference to LOTR/ even one to braveheart.

The third and last book took me some time since the last few days have been pretty busy. Not that its any less busy at present, but now that I have finally managed to get time to finish it off, I can rest easy. Till I pick up the next book of course.
Meanwhile, life @ ISB goes on as it always does. Lots of reports to finish this week, and exams the next! Its just my luck that the 4 subjects I took up this term all have reports due AND exams, unlike other subjects which have no end-term exams, with grading consisting of individual/group assignments as well as in-class quizzes and group projects. Ah well, to work!
PS: Next Up: The long pending ‘Brisingr’ by Christopher Paolini. I need to finish it. Only regret in advance: he should have finished the Inheritance “Trilogy” (Now they call it a ‘Cycle’!) as planned rather than extending it to a fourth and last book (fingers crossed).

Now Reading: Samit basu – The Gameworld Trilogy

Ashish recently got me started on Samit Basu’s Gameworld trilogy, and I have to admit, I have been hooked to the books over the last week or two. I have already finished the first two books in the series. I bet you are wondering where in ISB I am finding the time – but well, sleep is the only thing that can be reduced in ISB if you want to do something more. However, I hope I am able to put off starting on the third book till I have some free time from all the project reports and exams looming over the next 10 days or so.
Its a weird series of books for sure, with a lot of twists and young Samit (who’s apparently an IIM-A dropout and only 23 when he published the first book!), bringing together stuff from Indian/Greek mythology as well as famous fantasy novels (LOTR/Harry Potter?) and movies as well (James Bond inspirations included)! All this results in a funny combination of characters and stories that are quite sarcastic and I have to admit, the writing is pretty funny as well. The plotline of the first book was quite good, with the second one a bit weaker in my opinion. Its now up to the third one to decide whether it falls down or zooms up in quality.
For an Indian writer, writing an English fantasy novel and doing it reasonably well (The Gameworld series has sold well in India, but not internationally in comparison.) is a worthy achievement and the series is definitely worth a read.

Samit Basu’s Blog/personal website is linked here.

Marketing Events to Students @ ISB

In the 1 year program at ISB, the one thing that is at a premium is time. With different activities taking place every week, many of the clubs often come up with some great ideas to increase student interest and awareness in different topics.
A while back, the Real Estate and Infrastructure Club at ISB organized the ‘Infrastructure Summit 2009’. The theme of the event was “Realizing Indian Infrastructure 2015”. The event also included a panel discussion on ‘Public Private Partnerships: A Reality or a Distant Dream?
Anyway, the point of this blog post is to showcase the great marketing done by the club members to promote the summit within the student community. They used a mix of emails as well as posters at various spots inside the college.
What I found extremely interesting was the design of the posters to show the possibilities and the growth potential of the Infrastructure Industry in India in the coming years which in folded into the theme of the summit.
Some of the extremely creative ads used are shown below:

Click on each pic to expand and read the actual captions

Credit for the campaign: Hardik Jhaveri and Shouvik Sarkar.

Halloween Party and a Lazy Weekend

After a long long time, I finally had a weekend when I didn’t have any immediate assignments due. This of course does not mean I wasn’t busy. I was still running around the whole weekend from meeting to meeting for a couple of projects whose reports we have to submit. However, since those aren’t due for at least another 10 days, the weekend was relatively chill when compared to batchmates who had assignments due over the weekend.

The best part of the weekend was the Halloween party organised by the Student Life Council at the open air 08 Lounge. It was the largest party yet, with lots of alums turning up as well. People turned up in proper Halloween attire, with lots of thought having gone into the costumes. There was food, drinks as well a rocking DJ…

The Open Air Dance Floor

Halloween Decorations

While the party literally went on till the break of dawn, we left at around 4:30 A.M., for a long drive on the smooth road to the Airport!! Its rare that you get time for such things in ISB, traveling with friends on a long road with nothing in particular to think about, just driving to nowhere for the heck of it.

I finally got to bed at around 6 A.M., and was up running to a meeting at 10:30 A.M. Some things never change…..