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College days…..

Was just going through some photographs (A friend wanted some), and I came across a nice photograph from the good old days, with almost everyone from the old ‘gang’ in it. Ah, those were good times. Couldnt resist posting it on Orkut.

Talking about social networks, now that I am finally moving out of the city where it turns out I have spent so much time, I finally decided to diversify my social networks. While Orkut alone is quite a handful, turns out its not suitable for everything. Not to mention the fact that not everyone uses it, plus there are better alternatives available from a professional angle as well. The result? I finally opened a linkedin account last week. Have added a couple of people from my new college and work in it. But a social network does need a lot of time to add everyone you know, not to mention filling out all those work-related forms and stuff. Hard work, especially if one is trying to juggle multiple networks. Hope I can get back and finish all that stuff sometime.

Up next: Facebook 😀