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Photography @ ISB

For some reason, a coming exam always brings out the blogger in me. Term 3 mid-term the next day and I was itching to blog about something. I did resist writing the blog, though its not as if all the time was spent studying, we had a midnight dunking as well.
Well, the Term 3 mid-term is over (we had only 1 this term) and so now I can get to guilt-free blogging. The topic of this post? Photography.
The one good thing about coming to ISB this year has been that it gave me an excuse to finally buy a digital camera. I had been delaying this for some time now, since I could always borrow my room-mate’s cam and the phone camera sufficed for other times. It took the beautiful campus here to make me realise that a phone camera is just not enough everytime. So I finally picked up a Panasonic compact (budget constraints are tight, especially when you are a student once again!).
Life in general does provide a lot of ‘clickable’ moments, all it takes is for you to remember to carry a camera along.

Some good pics:

Road to the Village

Storm Clouds over the village – Exam Time!

SV4 and Beyond- Microsoft!

Although the Student Village towers only serve an architectural purpose, they do make for some pretty decent photographs, dont they?
ISB does have a lot of budding photographers, and no lack of subjects either, from sports to people to nature (the resident peacocks included). The photography club is also pretty active, organizing basic learning sessions as well as photowalks and outings for budding photographers to try out their skills. More to follow….